References available upon request.

Mark Worister

Prop Master

Iatse Local 44

NBC Universal – Quantum Leap (Assistant Prop Master/Props Buyer)

Netflix – Griselda (Assistant Prop Master/Props Buyer)

Apple TV+ – Shell (Assistant Prop Master/Props Buyer)

Netflix – Monster S1 (Assistant Prop Master/Props Buyer)

Apple TV+ – Truth Be Told S2 (Assistant Prop Master)

ABC – American Housewife (Assistant Props dayplay - Season 4)

ABC – How To Get Away With Murder (Asst. Prop Master - Season 6)

ABC/Hulu – Little Fires Everywhere (season 1 Assistant Prop Master)

CBS – Strange Angel (season 2 Assistant Prop Master)

ABC – American Housewife (season 3 Assistant Props Dayplay)

ABC – How To Get Away with Murder (season 5 asst. prop master (dayplay)
Apple TV – Truth Be Told (season 1, asst. prop master (dayplay)
ABC – The Kids Are Alright (season 1 asst. prop master (dayplay)

ABC – SCANDAL (assistant prop master - seasons 5, 6 and 7)

FOX – Bones (seasons 5 thru 11 - asst props day-play)

FX – Justified (season 6 - asst prop master)

CW – Lucifer (pilot, swing)

BSI Inc. – Misc. Sony projects (swing)

ABC – The Fosters (season 2 asst props day-play)

FX – Married (season 2 - asst props day-play)

FOX – Dads. (asst. props day-play)

NBC – Animal Practice (asst. prop master season 1)

TNT – Rizzoli & Isles (asst. props dayplay)

SHO – Dexter (asst. props dayplay season 7)

NICK – Figure it Out (asst props dayplay)

NBC – Community (asst. props day-play)

ABC – Revenge (asst. props day-play)

CW – Hart of Dixie (asst. props day-play)

FX – Justified (asst. props day-play)

TNT – Franklin & Bash (asst. props day-play)

ABC - No Ordinary Family (Asst. Props Day-Play)

ABC – Undercovers (Prop Assistant day-play)

CBS – Coldcase (Asst. Props Day-Play)

ABC – Eli Stone Season 2 (Asst. Prop Master)

ABC – Good Behavior pilot (Asst. Prop Master)

NBC – Knight Rider mow (B-Unit Prop Master)

ABC – Notes from the Underbelly Season 2 (On Set Prop Master)

Hard-Breaker Prod. – Not Easily Broken feature film (Assistant Prop Master)

ABC – Greek Season 1 (Asst. Props Day-Play)

NBC – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Season 1 (Asst. Props Day-Play)

FOX – The Wedding Bells (Asst. Props Day-Play)

ABC – The Nine Season 1 (Asst. Props Day-Play)

Strand – L.T.R./Boys Life 4 (Prod. Design & Prop Master)

NBC – The West Wing (2 seasons Swing, 4 seasons assistant Prop Master)

CBS – Everybody Loves Raymond (On Set)

MTV – Music Awards Promos (aprox. 6)

MTV – Real World Promos (3)

MTV – Movie Awards Exterior

MTV – Kings of Comedy Promos (4)

MTV – Road Rules Promos (2)

MTV – Movie Awards Promos (5)

MTV – The Osbournes Promos (3)

MTV – *NSYNC Promos (Decorator & Prop Master)

HBO – Sex Bytes (2) (Decorator & Prop Master)

RSA – Unisys/Chrysler commercials (Decorator & Prop Master)

MTV – Fight Against Violence (Emmy Award winning educational series)

MTV – The Wood Promo

MTV – Madonna dreams VIP promo for 'Music'

MTV – Jailbait Movie Promos (4) (lead person)

Citadel – Flypaper feature (lead person)

Pittard Sullivan – Sat-Eins Commercials

Pittard Sullivan – Qualcom Commercials (lead person)

TNT – Pirates of the Silicone Valley TV film (lead person)

Elizabeth Street Prod. – Liars Poker feature (lead person)

Elbro Prod. – Whitney-Mama’s Little Baby

Elbro Prod. – Behind the true Biography-Dione

Elbro Prod. – Behind the true Biography-Bjork (Prod. Design & Prop Master)

NBC – Sleeping with the Enemy MOW (Assistant Prop Master)

CBS – The Uninvited MOW (On Set)

Discovery Channel – Health Show (lead person)

Nickelodeon – Alan Strange (On Set)

CBS – LA Doctors (Assistant Prop Master)